Interpretation Panels from Noticeboards Online

You will find interpretation panels in numerous places and helping in lots of circumstances. From marked trails and pathways to galleries and museums, interpretation panels are used to offer information and explanation when it’s needed most. They can utilise a combination on images and words to give insight and enlightenment, or even entertain.

Here at Noticeboards Online, we specialise in interpretation panels and have extensive experience and expertise in designing panels that work in any situations. Whatever you’re needing to say and whoever you’re wanting to say it to, our interpretation panels will get the message across effectively and dynamically.

Whether it’s a simple, fun message for children or something more in-depth for a more adult audience, we’re here to help. Our in-house design team will consult with you before producing exactly the right interpretation panel for your needs – whatever size and shape. And interpretation panels that will last the test of time both indoors and outdoors.

Noticeboards Online produce interpretation panels for:

  • Schools
  • Colleges
  • Universities
  • Local councils
  • Woodland trusts
  • Churches & Parish Councils
  • Coastal pathway trusts
  • Museums
  • Galleries
  • …and much, much more

So What Makes The Ideal Interpretation Panel?

Here are just a few pointers and things to think about as you begin the process of planning your panels:

• Be clear and concise
Know what you’re trying to get across and say it simply and graphically.
• Plan, plan and plan again
So many people get their panels wrong. Spend some time really thinking about your visitor journey.
• Walk through the journey
Try slowly walking the actual route of your visitor experience and take notes.
• Know your audience
How do they think and what would they like to know? Make sure you speak their language.
• The right location
Placement of your panels is vital, so make sure that they’re in the right pace to enhance the visitor experience.
• Make them attractive
Illustrations, photography and simple maps work so much better than hundreds of words of complex text.

Creating powerful interpretation panels isn’t quite as easy as it first may seem. But don’t worry, Noticeboards Online are here to share their experience and expertise. We’ll help you produce panels that are perfect for your audience.

Guidance On Interpretation Panel Content

The effectiveness of an interpretation panel is all down to how you convey and lay out your content. There are lots of ways you can go about this, depending on your audience and your subject matter. The following are just a few things you will need to think about:

• Don’t use more words that necessary
We suggest approximately 180 words for a typical A1 panel
• Make the images attractive
It’s worth spending a good part of your budget on attractive imagery – illustrations or photography – to grab the eye.
• Make maps simple
People don’t need detail, they just want something direct, simple and graphic.
• Know what each panel’s key message is
Think of each panel as having a main central theme, with just one two messages that people will remember.
• Use QR codes and links
Drive people to more information and websites

An Improved Visitor Experience

Why spend time, effort and budget on great interpretation panels? Well, the right information communicated simply and effectively will help your visitors appreciate their experience so much more.

They will feel informed, entertained and fulfilled. Which means they will not want to come back for more, but they’ll tell their friends and family.

Not only that, but if the panels are telling them everything they need to know, then your on-site employees will be freed up to do other things than continually answering visitors’ questions.

The Ideal Structure

Whether it’s something single or even double-sided, there are various ways you can display your information on your site. 

You may decide on a main orientation panel at a key entry point to your site along with a series of wayfinder signs or interpretation panels along the visitor journey. 

Or just a few key interpretation panels at main junctions or places along the way. 

Interpretation Panel Materials

Choosing the right material for your panels is key. Noticeboards Online will advise you on what’s best – metal, timber or even a recycled plastic.

Our metal panels can be either aluminium or steel and can be powder coated or spray to produce a range of colours and effects.

Our steel panels can be either stainless or use corten, which enables a natural and attractive rust finish to develop to form a protective finish.

For our timber panels, you can choose oak or a range of other hardwoods or softwood – all of which will weather beautifully and can be treated with UV-resistant coating so that they don’t lose their colour and tone.

Our recycled plastic panels have the advantage of not only being environmentally-friendly, but also don’t fade or rot.

The Right Location

Placement is also key to success for any interpretation panel. Obviously, you’ll want to situate them where they are most visible but also in a way that doesn’t ruin or spoil the visitor experience or a particular viewpoint.

It’s all about enhancing and not inhibiting the journey. Angled lectern-style panels are a great way to create a non-intrusive yet visible experience.

Timber panels are often best situated away from areas that can become damp and not beneath overhanging trees. 
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